PATD (Paper Airplane Tower Defense )
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PATD (Paper Airplane Tower Defense )

Survive the waves of oncoming Paper Airplanes with bunnys such as, A water bunny, normal bunny, angel bunny, and more! Deafeat the APA at round 30 and claim the title of victor!
(1.4.2 is the final update for this game, if there are any game-breaking bugs, dm me on discord) Controls : Left click / for basicly everything Del / to delete towers Towers ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////: Normal Bunny Toxic Bunny Angel Bunny Sniper Bunny Carrot Farm Watermelon Cannon Squirt Bunny Sorcerer Bunny MG Bunny (Machine Gun Bunny) Sonic Bunny Toxic Splash Bunny Ninja Bunny (all bunnys have upgrades) Paper Airplanes ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////: white red orange yellow green led blue indigo brown violet APA pink black Maps ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////: Map 1 (Grass Path) Map 2 (Cliffside View) Map 3 (Desert Wasteland) Help and Credit Jai Ninja Kiwi Made with game maker studio 2
Developerxstepperson studio
Number of plays2,394
Release date22 Jan, 2022
Last updated26 Oct, 2022
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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