All Nighter (DEMO)
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All Nighter (DEMO)

All Nighter is a shoot 'em up roguelike about a boy who needs to pull an all nighter to complete a paper due next morning, and he needs to complete his paper while dealing with distractions that manifest in his mind.
In All Nighter, the player travels through their many internet tabs to find sources (represented as coins) for their paper to power up and defeat bosses representing the Intro, Body, and Conclusion of their paper. While searching, the player will be attacked by distractions, which are the game’s enemies. The player will also be timed to complete each level, but by defeating distractions, the player can earn a little extra time. This game has procedurally generated rooms full of enemies to beat and trials to overcome. And this is just the beginning... This demo features the first 2 levels of the final game and a variety of challenging bosses to test your skills against. I hope you enjoy and anticipate the final release.
DeveloperTheYoloBOT9000 studio
Number of plays368
Release date28 Apr, 2023
Last updated28 Apr, 2023
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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