Alien Escape - DEMO
Speedrun Level 30
525 Players
Speedrun Level 30
Top player
kyeru02s 580ms
Speedrun Level 6
664 Players
Speedrun Level 6
Top player
break-so202s 460ms
Speedrun Level 66
312 Players
Speedrun Level 66
Top player
kyeru03s 640ms
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Alien Escape - DEMO

Change gravity and solve tricky puzzles on your escape out of the gruesome castle.


ABOUT THE GAME System failure! Fuel is empty! Timmy and his alien troop crash-land their UFO on an unknown planet. When seeking help at a nearby castle, they were captured and forced to do hard labor... Now it's time break out of the castle and fight the evil boss! GAME
  • a puzzle platform adventure, where you play as a little alien buddy with their ability to influence gravity
  • 30 tricky levels
  • save your alien friends on the way out
  • moving = arrow keys
  • change gravity = A / D
  • start / select = enter
  • This DEMO contains 30 playable Levels
FULL GAME for PC & CONSOLE here: Steam Nintendo Switch


Number of plays104,811
Creation date12 Jun, 2022
Last updated27 Jul, 2022
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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