Slide Cats
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Mouse (desktop)Point, click, and slide
Finger (mobile)Tap, hold, and slide
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Slide Cats

Cats are cute! Sliding block puzzle games for adults: drop blocks & save planet!
Mysterious and evil Televiktor is about to attack a cat planet and make zombies out of all the creatures living there. Cute kitties are desperately looking for help! Unite together with the other galaxy heroes and use your Positive Energy to save theplanets! Slide Cats is a fun sliding puzzle that brings you to the world of purring and fluffy creatures. Move the block and join a fantastic cat adventure out there in space. Try out different characters and discover new planets. More energy you collect, the more fun you can have in the game. Cats are so cute, aren’t they? Don’t let them down and save the planet in this exciting falling puzzle!
Main Cat Slider Puzzle Features:
  • Diverse Gameplay: use falling blocks to travel to different worlds, visit new planets and meet their fluffy inhabitants.
  • Brave Heroes: lead the team of heroes that is awaiting its best moment. Use the equipment and help them to save the world from evil!
  • Cute Cats: meet electric cats, cats in cryo capsules, behind the laser net, or with a special gift. We bet you’ve never seen this amount of purring animals in other sliding puzzle games!
  • Simple Rules: just slide the blocks, make a row and enjoy this amazing free cat puzzle. No rush and no time limits!
Looking for a fun sliding block puzzle? You found it! Build a row of the same size kittens. Earn a Positive and increase your level. The further you go in the game, the more complex tasks you get. Get Positive game money for each resolved case. Search for special cats that hold precious crystals. It can be spent on boosters, character upgrades, special pets, and more! To progress in the cat slider you need to save planets one by one. Play a drop block puzzle every day to collect more Positive and open new characters. Play with pets - these are cute little animals that are giving you a permanent bonus throughout the game. For example, pets can help you get more Positive from each row in this drop puzzle game. Enjoying a good block slider game? Slide Cats is a great way to entertain yourself and release stress by looking at these cuties. This is a fun sliding puzzle game that fits both kids and adults! Download now and play with cats already today.
DeveloperSlamert studio
Number of plays20,000+
Release date29 Nov, 2021
Last updated02 Nov, 2022
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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