Spooky Fruits - Bullet hell and roguelike
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Spooky Fruits - Bullet hell and roguelike

Kill ghosts with hundreds of guns, collect fruits and level up.


👻 Spooky Fruits 🍎 is a fun arcade game where you must kill ghosts with hundreds of weapons, super powers and abilities while collecting fruits to upgrade your character.
If you like roguelike games and rpg shooters then Spooky Fruits is for you. Enjoy an action game with stylized graphics and adorable characters in different worlds full of enemies. 🪓 In Spooky Fruits you will be able to: ● Level up and customize your character with over 90 weapons, 25 super powers and 175 different abilities. ● Face challenging final bosses. ● Compete with other players on online leaderboards. ● Complete many achievements and quests ● Collect apples to create delicious desserts that will improve your stats and skills. Spooky Fruits is free to play and without many In App Purchases :D What are you waiting for? Play Spooky Fruits right now and enjoy this amazing arcade game like enter the gungeon, nuclear throne, the binding of isaac, soul knight, blazing beak or brotato or vampire survivor... You know what i mean xD


Developersuperuwu studio
Number of plays6,209
Release date31 Mar, 2023
Last updated09 Apr, 2023
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity rating13+
Game is suitable for anyone the age of 13 or above.

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