Omnifate (Demo)
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Omnifate (Demo)

A turn-based RPG in development by Lekooliatris Games


--CONTROLS-- Arrow keys control the menu and character Enter for interact and accept Shift for running Control for the menu Escape for exiting menus In OMNIFATE, explore a brand-new RPG world by Lekooliatris Games. Fight monsters to save the planet. Hang out with friends. When the time comes, your choices will decide fate. Features: Short run time Created mostly by one person Turn-based battle system An original soundtrack so good the creator can't stop listening to it The demo is out now, so give it a shot! DEMO PATCH NOTES - The demo now runs in the full game's sandbox (full game which I've been hard at work on is almost complete and will launch in Q3 2023) which adds a whole load of new things. Mostly just patches, though. Fixed a bug where you could clip into the wall when engaging in fights in certain scenarios Fixed a bug where sometimes text got cut off (in most places) Changed the text size Fixed other miscellaneous bugs Gamepad support removed for now; I'm working on a full-scale replacement for the current system and probably some more stuff I forgot to mention THE DEMO IS OUT!! Note that the demo is based off of an early development stage, and as such, there will probably be plenty of bugs. If you notice any, report them to me. In the demo, you will have four party members to start out with, and Items have been temporarily disabled. They say "Credit where credit is due", and credit is due. Character portraits by Ra1n Story by koola, cool kid k, slackur, and Grassalina Programming by koola, Peyton Burnham, and GameMaker Rob Overworld art and combat art by koola QA by Peyton Burnham, GameMaker Rob, aarod, Civil, cool kid k, Grassalina, and Sinshine Character design by Ra1n and koola Sound design by koola Published by Lekooliatris Games Marketing and help by RF Generation and Wes Clarke See laid-back development updates on See official development updates on Sign up for email updates at Download and listen to the demo soundtrack at


DeveloperLekooliatris Games
Number of plays83
Creation date18 Aug, 2022
Last updated01 Jan, 2023
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.