Ooze Extractor
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Ooze Extractor

Roguelike tower defense, where you control an auto-attacking farmer, who's collecting ooze in a reforming alien land. Grow plants to combat the alien attackers, and fortify the defense further with upgrades!
Ooze Extractor is a roguelike tower defense, where you control an auto-attacking farmer, who has gone to the moon to collect an oozy substance, which is rumored to be 1000 times more effective at fertilizing crops, than the stuff they have back in earth. Aliens aren't too pleased about you stealing their ooze though. Grow plants to help protect the ooze extractor from attackers!
  • Auto attacking player. Point the player character towards enemies, and chain consecutive hits together to give your defense a damage boost.
  • Upgrade plants with branching skill trees. Build the optimal defense, by carefully choosing which branching skill tree path a plant takes.
  • Reforming map, forcing you to constantly rethink your defense.
<ARROW KEYS> Move <SPACE> Interact Made for NoticeMe Game Jam
Game got a tiny optimization update on 24th of March. I had to disable 3D audio, because it seemingly causes games to slowdown in GXC. The audio has been replaced with a similar, but inferior system. Hopefully it still sounds good! I also made spilled blood disappear faster, just to further prevent any possible lagging.
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DeveloperAntenna Games
Number of plays60,000+
Release date18 Mar, 2022
Last updated12 Sep, 2022
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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