Stock Market
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Stock Market

Buy and sell your way to riches in the Stock Market board game. How much will you risk to build your wealth quickly? Invest wisely!
Did you ever imagine what it would be like to get rich playing the stock market? Just buy low and sell high, right? Of course, the market doesn't always move in the direction you want. So instead of risking your actual money in the market, you can get rich virtually by playing the Stock Market board game. In this game you move around the board buying and selling stocks from 8 companies. Every move around the perimeter triggers a change in the market, which changes the current price of all the stocks. Every move within the interior tracks triggers a stock split. But in this game stock splits give you more shares without reducing the share price. That makes them ideal for multiplying your wealth quickly. But there is also risk in the game, because squares near the corners can force you to sell all your shares well below market value or even send the market into a tailspin leaving you with a hefty broker fee to pay. If you don't keep enough cash on hand, you will have to liquidate shares at a heavy loss. Play locally with friends or against AI opponents. Customize your player avatar. Enjoy some great jazz and big band music while you climb to the top.
Number of plays9,717
Release date30 Dec, 2022
Last updated15 Jun, 2023
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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