Grooveyard Night Fever
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Up, left, right, down


Light attack (blue)


Heavy attack (green)


Magic attack (red)


Insert coins

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Grooveyard Night Fever

A rhythm game where the player character gets stronger during the night and after conquering each region.


Grooveyard Night Fever
Gamepad / Arcade Stick input are accepted for both XInput and DirectInput and are recommended for the intended arcade experience. | - D-Pad/Joystick - | --- W A S D --- | Joystick (Up, Left, Down, Right) | ----- Square ----- | ------ J ------ | Light Attack (Blue) (CONFIRM) | ---- Triangle ---- | ------ K ------ | Heavy Attack (Green) | ------- R1 ------- | ------ L ------ | Magic Attack (Red) | ------ Start ----- | -- Space Bar -- | Insert Coin(s)
3 Lanes, 3 Enemy (button) types, 3 levels of attack precision, this rhythm games brings a fresh take to fighting hordes of enemies. As enemies are defeated, time passes and day turns into night. When the night falls, enter the Night Fever Mode where the player can gain several buffs to their character including but not limited to:
  • Double kill score
  • Night Vision
  • Lifesteal: Regain HP with each monster defeated
  • Last Breath: Lethal damage during the night leaves you at 1HP
Maintaining perfect kills or making less than 3 non-perfect kills will maintain the night for longer; rewarding skillful play.
Music Tracks Attribution Credits
Intro - Alexandara Nakarada (Title Screen and Tutorial) RESET - Alex Productions (Fields of ET) Sakuya - Peritune Material (Temple of the Sun) Folk Arabian - Peritune (Desert Ruins) Art of Silence - Uniq (Stage Select Screen) 64 Sundays - Twin Musicom (Highscore Screen)


DeveloperAvantgarde Interactive
Number of plays36,326
Creation date15 Mar, 2022
Last updated27 Sep, 2022
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.

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