Topdown Turbos - car racing and drifting
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Topdown Turbos - car racing and drifting

A top down racing game with nice physics and a 16 bit style. Do some drifts, leave some skids, have some fun! With 8 different car types.
A top down racing game with nice physics and a 16 bit style. Do some drifts, leave some skids, have some fun! If you encounter any issues or bugs when playing the game, leave a comment/report so I can fix them! I check any reports regularly. *19 February 2024 - an option to turn touch controls on or off has been added to the Options menu. *17 February 2024. Jumps added to Racetrack 3 to combine with the boost pads. The menus now also feature a preview snapshot of the tracks. Fixed collision sound between cars and wall so it doesn't distort/repeat. Truck handling has been modified to make it tighter to control, but with drifting. New menu music has been added. *10 February 2024. A new Racetrack circuit has been added - Racetrack 3! It features boost pads and a bold design. *27 January 2024. Two new tracks have been added - Country 2 and Snow 2! I will be continuing to work on new tracks and features. Play on desktop or mobile. Keyboard, touch controls and gamepads are supported. More content is being added, including new tracks. Check out the four new tracks added on 27 August 2023, the new Country environment added on 8 October 2023 and the new Snow environment added on 15 January 2024. Currently 8 different car types: Rally car (drifty) Go kart (zippy) Motorbike (laser-like) Truck (heavy) Racing car (on rails) AG ship (hovery) Sportscar (fast and reliable) Tank (brute force)
Developeralexpower studio
Number of plays60,000+
Release date06 Nov, 2022
Last updated19 Feb, 2024
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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