Mage of Lands  beta2.0.0.13
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Mage of Lands beta2.0.0.13

Mage of Lands is my fisrt game i have create in GMK. New updates coming. Enjoy :) bugs fixed


Mage of Lands: The name of mage of lands came because the main character looks like a mage and I liked his design all the characters i created with enemies moving the game is in beta then there will be more updates to improve the game enjoy :) Mage Story: The mage came to seek revenge in search of the king who betrayed him going through all the challenges until he avenge this will appear later in the next updates bugs fixed novo sistema para telemovel /celular antes de começar o jogo seleciona opções e se queres jogar em telemovel/celular ou computador ai seleciona windows novo fimção de novos bugs maior dificuldade dificil e facil correção de bugs medio dificil & facil nova sala adicionada com novo boss melhoramento do joystick para mobile


DeveloperMini Dev Studio
Number of plays93
Creation date14 Sep, 2022
Last updated15 Sep, 2022
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity rating13+
Game is suitable for anyone the age of 13 or above.

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