Kings Horse MD
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Kings Horse MD

Be a fairytale doctor and diagnose/treat your magical patients! Made for GMC Jam 45: Theme: Nursery Rhymes


**The entire game is played with mouse only** Be a fairytale doctor and diagnose/treat your magical patients! Gameplay:
  1. Read the patient's chart to determine what they need as well as any allergies, injuries, conditions, etc.
  2. Review possible medicine to prescribe to them. Be careful, lots of medicines have side effects and allergens that could be deadly to your patients!
  3. Combine ingredients to create compound medicines to solve each of your patient's maladies!
  • The patient's chart will give you much more information than just name and allergies. Be sure to be aware of name, height, weight, age, etc. before prescribing a medicine to them!
  • Right clicking on a potion book will place an "X" over it so you can keep track of which potions  are wrong for your patient.
  • You may at times need to combine potions to solve all the patient's problems. Just combine all ingredients from both potions and hit create to combine them.
  • Press N to go to the next level (or skip the opening cutscene)
Credits: - Fantasy BG -
  • Music - Andre Sitkov
  • SFX -


DeveloperMightyJor's Studio
Number of plays10,593
Creation date29 May, 2022
Last updated14 Aug, 2022
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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