The Farming Frontier
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The Farming Frontier

The Farming Frontier is a chilled farming RPG with light battle elements. Within this world, you can cultivate crops, cut wood, catch fish, and mine by constructing specific buildings, each capable of producing a specific material.
🚀 Early Access
This is a playable Demo/Early Access version of a Steam game
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🎮 How to Play
WASD for movement SHIFT for action (Chopping wood with axe, water the crops, sow the land etc.) The action type depends on the selected item in your backpack. All buildings have their specific input/output item types. Use deliver/receive items by clicking the building.
House: Build houses to increase the population.
Woodcutter: Woodcutter turns the tree logs you chop from trees and turns into wood that you can use in buildings.
StonePit: Similar to woodcutter, stonepit turns pile of rocks into smaller stones that used in buildings.
Forester: Forester restores the trees you keep cutting.
Fishery: Produces fish to feed your population. You need to provide bait to this building.
Bakery: Produces bread. Provide water and flour.
Farm: You can only plant corps near farms. You can also use farm as a storehouse.
Windmill: Windmills turn wheat into flour. Flour is used in bakery.
Well: Produces water. Blacksmith: To have soldiers you need to produce armour and weapons.
Barracks: You can train soldiers in barracks using shield, sword and gold.
⚠️ Warning
This game is being developed by a non-gamer game developer. I don't play games much so, the feeling of the game may not be like what you used to from other games. This could be both good and bad. Something different to explore. I tried to make it as intuitive as possible but please feel free to report as bug if you feel that it's counter intuitive. But no promises if I it requires too much development 😛
💥 Gotchas
The Farm is your storehouse. It can store all the items you can use in the game: wood, stone, fruits, vegetables, etc. Other buildings can only store the items they use or produce. All buildings have both a "Deliver Items" and a "Receive Items" section. Use them accordingly depending on whether you want to receive items to your backpack (inventory) or remove them from it. For example, the Woodcutter uses Tree Logs and produces Wood. Most of the time, you would want to deliver Tree Logs to the Woodcutter and receive Wood. If your backpack is full, you would go to the Farm and use the Deliver Items option to remove them from your backpack.
DeveloperUsta Games
Number of plays40,000+
Release date15 Jan, 2024
Last updated16 Apr, 2024
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity rating10+
Game is suitable for anyone the age of 10 or above.
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