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Master your combat techniques and explore a magic world in this combat - focused metroidvania. Help the unreliable narrator complete his story which changes depending on the player's actions.


Windmills is a combat-focused metroidvania. You will have to fight dangerous monsters and the only thing you can rely on are your abilities.
The combat system is based on suppressing, deflecting, dodging and parrying. As you progress through the story, more mechanics are unlocked, giving you more options for combat and exploration. A big part of the mechanics are the reversals. Deflecting at the right time or parrying projectile spells, gives the player extraordinary abilities for a small amount of time. For example you can parry a lightning spell and charge your next attack with the element of lightning. Master your skills and slay the monsters that ravage the kingdom. Challenge powerful and ruthless bosses that will put your abilities to the test. The story unfolds in a unique way, based on the way you progress through the game. Depending on your actions, areas and enemies can change because the narrator will remember things differently, making each narrative unique. Explore a magical world, meet NPCs with unique questlines, discover new abilities that will change your experience and help the last Crimson Cape remember the events that happened many years ago. Restore the magical portals that connect the different areas of the kingdom and see the story to its conclusion, through the eyes of an unreliable narrator. Because what is more important, if the windmills were giants or if the story was worth telling?


Developerpoorlocke studio
Number of plays176961
Creation date12 Aug, 2022
Last updated07 Oct, 2022
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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