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A tight action side-scroller with challenging robotic bosses. Dodge metallic dangers, acquire powerful weapons and blast your way through a destroyed world full of deadly machines where running out of energy means defeat.


**Wishlist the Full Game Here:
Tight Platforming Action**
  • Avoid dangers and deadly obstacles by using your weapons and abilities.
  • Traverse through metalic forests, destroyed futuristic cities and more.
  • Go out of your way and find hidden secrets and maybe even new friends that will help you vanish the curse of the land.
Challenging Bossfights
  • Defeat great warriors of the fallen land, who sacrifised themselves to be consumed by the corruption.
  • Use strategic thinking and fast reflexes to slay these machines, but be careful, once your energy depletes you'll become a prey.
  • Fight for their weapons and powers so they can be freed from their suffering.
Robotic Hordes
  • Blast your way through hordes of infected machines.
  • Use strategy and fast thinking, but be careful, once your energy runs out you'll be left vulnerable


Developersimoncarnydev studio
Number of plays45,673
Creation date09 Jan, 2022
Last updated17 Oct, 2022
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.