Memorial Pillage
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Brave Pillager
28 Players
Brave Pillager
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lupini18s 767ms
Skilled Pillaging
12 Players
Skilled Pillaging
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Memorial Pillage

Bizarre structures keep spawning everywhere around the world...
Bizarre structures keep spawning everywhere around the world.
You have to breach in the Cave, explore and retrieve artifacts called "Memento".
  • Use your agility to conquer the Cave
  • Slow down your perception of time to avoid hazards
  • Be wary of deadly traps
With that said, can you survive Liam's Cave? Controls (try out the Training park to learn the basics): ARROW keys - Move/Crouch/Climb ladders/Interact SPACE key - Jump Z/X keys - Scroll inventory V key - Use selected item C key - Toggle timeslow Made for Game Maker Italia 2021 Contest as a love letter to CORE's Tomb Raider. Big thanks to GMI community and (for full credits check out the game!)
Number of plays40,000+
Release date18 May, 2022
Last updated12 Sep, 2022
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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