Super Raft Boat Classic
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Keyboard & Mouse
Right-clickBuild raft segment
Left-clickFire your weapon
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Super Raft Boat Classic

The world's been flooded, and all you have is your Super Raft Boat. Can you reach The Final Island?
The world's been flooded, and all you have is your Super Raft Boat. You keep sailing, hoping to find an island while fighting off the creatures of the sea. From the Clear Skies to the Sea of the Damned, can you reach The Final Island?
  • Build and expand your raft to gain an advantage on the creatures of the sea!
  • 4 different oceans to learn & conquer.
  • 3 different characters with unique abilities and weapons.
  • Unlockable alternate weapons and skins for your favorite character.
  • A final boss fight that will scare even the most experienced rafters.
  • Looping for those who dare!
DeveloperShatteredJournalGames studio
Number of plays400,000+
Release date21 Oct, 2021
Last updated01 Aug, 2023
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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