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To find out why the internet was stolen, in this space shooter game, you must shoot everything in front of you!
To find out why the internet was stolen, in this space shooter game, you must shoot everything in front of you!
Player 1:
  • W, A, S, D -> Move;
  • Space -> Shoot.
  • Shift -> Wi-fi orb energy.
Player 2:
  • Arrows -> Move;
  • O -> Shoot.
  • P -> Wi-fi orb energy.
This game does not currently support gamepad.
  • The game supports 2 local players. When starting the game, player 1 must press "W" to play. Player 2 can also press "Arrow Up" to play.
  • You must shoot and dodge the asteroids;
  • The game speeds up constantly, asteroids will get faster;
  • The game changes direction from time to time (first space shooter to do so!);
Challenge your friends through the challenges, which can be found on the right side of the page.
**HISTORY: **War-Fi
"Due to the scarcity of resources in an alien civilization named B (with its arms and expansionist policy), it decided to attack civilization A which defends a pacifist and sustainable policy towards the worlds on which they colonized. After the defeat of Civilization B, foreseeing a critical shortage of resources, they needed to attack technologically inferior worlds. On earth, a cold war has been going on for many decades, and nations, to protect their media from possible attacks with electromagnetic pulse bombs, have decided to put some kind of protection in their media. However, civilization B after years of spying on the land, decided to steal all internet media, including Wi-Fi transmitters, in order to attack undetected, incapacitating most of the earth's defenses. Urgent steps have been taken to build advanced weapons that do not rely on radio frequency communication. With great difficulty, the earth's armies manage to destroy the threats, capture the alien UFOs and discover their plans and their enemies, as well as the aliens' language and the technology used in the construction of UFOs, making it possible to create more advanced ships that will be used to attack the invading civilization, causing a war over the internet, named "War-Fi"."
  • Main Programmer, Designer, Artist: FoxyOfJungle | @foxyofjungle
  • Music: "Space Cowboys", "Space Melodies" and "Do You Just Space".
  • SFX: FoxyOfJungle.
  • Publisher: Kazan Games Ltd. / Foxy Of Jungle
Number of plays10,000+
Release date08 Jul, 2022
Last updated08 Jul, 2022
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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