Bubble Popper
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Bubble Popper

A relaxing bubble popping idle game for desktop and mobile.
A relaxing bubble popping idle game for desktop and mobile.
  • Unlimited bubbles to pop.
  • Go to the shop and spend popped bubbles on:
    • Bubbular Mitosis - Fund the latest research in the field of Bubble-ology to increase your bubble popping multiplier!
    • Bubble-tronics - Purchase the latest in state of the art automated bubble popping equipment!
  • Progress _should _be saved from session to session (if playing on the same device).
  • Screen orientation _should _be auto-detected and setup on game start.
  • Basic volume control and music mute buttons.
  • Desktop - Left mouse click bubbles to pop
  • Mobile - Tap bubbles to pop
Bubble Popper was developed by Mushroomstick in about a week for the Opera GX New Year, New Jam Game Jam.
  • Programming - Mushroomstick
  • Graphics - Mushroomstick
  • Music - licensed via Humble Bundle
  • Sound Effects - Mushroomstick
Developermushroomstick studio
Number of plays1,082
Release date17 Jan, 2023
Last updated17 Jan, 2023
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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