Sleeping Survivor
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Sleeping Survivor

Vampire Survivors-style game, but it plays itself so you can just relax!
Sleeping Survivor is a "reverse bullet hell" style game where you get swarmed by millions of enemies, but can fight them back by synergizing powerful upgrades! It's a fully idle game, just relax and watch the carnage unfold! All you need to do is select what upgrades to get, the game handles the rest for you. Can you survive the night, or will you rest in peace before the morning comes? Don't sleep on this game! Or, actually, do sleep, I guess...? You can upgrade both your power, to make the game easier, and the enemies' power, to make the game more chaotic! Can you reach Danger Level 99 and unlock the ULTIMATE survival relaxation? How much carnage can you cause before your framerate can't handle the game anymore? THERE ARE NO LIMITS. GO BEYOND WHAT'S REASONABLE. UNLOCK THE TRUE POTENTIAL OF SLEEP. Version 2 (released january 17th) features improved balance: powerups are more expensive, EXP is more numerous early on, and enemy stat buffs over time now have a slower start.
Developergamedevyal studio
Number of plays2,503
Release date07 Jan, 2023
Last updated17 Jan, 2023
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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