Wordly Defence
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Wordly Defence

Play a game of Wordly with a tower defence twist!


Created in 48 hours, I wanted to try and make a game that could submit data to Twitter in an automated post. I got the test down but the concept was so fun I had to polish it and quickly post it out. Sorry if it's a bit unpolished or doesn't hold your hand in some places, but that's just how life is sometimes hehe x3 The WORDLE mechanic itself is a bit more basic than the real thing. It will still show ORANGE if you're put the letter somewhere else in the word, even if there's only one of those. It is six letters instead of five for added difficulty, but you can spam words that aren't real words so the difficulty evens out. DM me if you have any issues with the game.
  • **Left Mouse Click - **Pick up/Place Turrets
  • W -_ Move Up_
  • A -_ Move Left_
  • S -_ Move Down_
  • D -_ Move Right_
  • Space -_ Submit Score to Twitter_
  • Number 1 -_ Toggle alpha visibility of the circle radius from the turrets._
  • Number 2 -_ Disable/Enable screenshake._
Credits: Stepford (Programmer) : https://twitter.com/Stepf0rd Duster (Musician) : https://twitter.com/DusterOnline Milkworm (Higher Res Artist) : https://twitter.com/mix3827492


DeveloperStepford studio
Number of plays24,917
Creation date25 Feb, 2022
Last updated03 Jun, 2022
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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