Quiet Quitter
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Quiet Quitter

Try to sneak out of the office before the end of the work day. Version 1.2 released! See changelog below.
Overview: Play as a quiet quitting salesperson who wants to leave the office early. Avoid the managers, don't alert your co-workers, and leave before anyone else! The leaderboards will be live after the game jam. Controls: Space Game Developed for the 1ButtonJam game jam on Itch io. All art, animation, sounds, music, and code by TheAverageGoob. Changelog
Version 1.2.0 Changes
  • Modified the movement mechanic. You can no longer stop mid-run. Good luck!
  • I changed the Sus system that spawns managers. You can sneak in peace...sometimes!
  • The title screen now shows the top Quiet Quitters!
  • You can now use SPACE, MOUSE LEFT BUTTON, or on mobile, your FINGER to sneak.
  • JUMPING! Press space mid-walk or mid-sprint, leap through the air, and stop on a dime (kinda)
  • 10 NEW LEVELS to sneak through (you'll know because the background changes)
  • LEADERBOARDS! You can compete against other people quitting their jobs. See who can escape the fastest.
  • You can change your leaderboard display name from the title by pressing C, typing in your name, then pressing ENTER. You can use ESC to cancel the name change.
  • You can press ESC to return to the title screen at any point in the game (restarts the game).
  • Animations cleaned up a little, still working on them though!
  • Overlapping elements on the door shouldn't be there when it's opened now (no more design files inside and outside the door)
KNOWN ISSUES Right now, the leaderboards are limited in that you need a unique username, and your UserID changes between devices (Browser, downloaded). So keep that in mind if you can't use your name in multiple places. You can use _(number) in your name if you need something unique. I might migrate leaderboards in the future. Version 1.1 Fixes
  •  Fixed Sliding animation after sprinting/walking.
  •  Fixed best time after game over. Should only score on completing the game.
  •  Fixed player stopping randomly after charging.
  •  Doors now display as open when the manager is standing there
DeveloperAverage Game Studio
Number of plays893
Release date28 Nov, 2023
Last updated07 Dec, 2023
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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