Jumpin Jac Dash
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Speedrun - Hard (any beans)
16 Players
Speedrun - Hard (any beans)
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Orcish02m 14.881s
Speedrun - Normal (any beans)
248 Players
Speedrun - Normal (any beans)
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booshi01m 45.964s
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Jumpin Jac Dash

“Best Platformer” GXC winner! Traverse the treacherous toy box as the titular toy "Jumpin' Jac Dash."
Traverse the treacherous toy box as the titular toy "Jumpin' Jac Dash." Help Jac in his quest to find his broken pieces, buried in the cluttered box. His hopes are high that he will be played with again once he has put himself back together.  His future hinges on his courage and the final decision of the boss of the toy world. Controls: Keyboard: Walk: A&D or Arrow Keys, Jump: Space, Glide: Space, Dash: Control or Shift Escape Key exits the game and takes you to the main menu Controller: Walk: Left Thumbstick, Jump: A, Glide: A, Dash: X Issues with Sound? If having issues with the sound on Chrome check the page settings. On other browsers, try reloading the page and double clicking on the load screen before the load bar has reached the end. **Post Jam Updates **
  • Online speedrun leaderboard
  • Improved player movement (more responsive controls)
  • Level layout balancing (tuned difficulty spikes in normal mode)
Credits: Foster Turtle: Art - https://foster-turtle.itch.io MightyJor: Music, Level Design - https://mightyjor.itch.io Sid Fish: Code - https://sidfishgames.itch.io
DeveloperMightyJor's Studio
Number of plays20,000+
Release date11 Oct, 2021
Last updated11 Aug, 2022
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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