Autumn Tree Chopping Simulator
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Autumn Tree Chopping Simulator

Rushed & unfinished game for the 2023 cozy autumn game jam
Plant and chop trees and make cash to reach the arbitrary goal of buying a cup of golden tea. Saving and loading may be added if I decide to pick the game back up along with upgrading and more items to buy, sell and harvest but since the game is quite unoriginal/uninspired I doubt I will. I haven't even got to properly test, so the game may not even be "beatable", so if anyone bothers to try it out, tell me so I can at least make it playable. Made in Gamemaker studio my beloved. My Discord: PcShadowwZ. Controls: WASD or Arrow Keys to traverse menus. X,Z,C for certain actions. Credits: main menu music = ingame music = button switch and press sound effects =, undertale by toby fox button deny sound effect =\_cZqc70Rw tree chop sound = main menu background = frepik game background = vector stock trees = adobe stock any other sprites are done by me (mostly just boxes lol)
DeveloperPcShadowwZ studio
Number of plays243
Release date08 Oct, 2023
Last updated08 Oct, 2023
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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