Dominating the skies
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Down ArrowSteer Up
Up ArrowSteer Down
SpacePrimary Weapon
ShiftSecondary Weapon
E or QFlip Orientation (in space)
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Dominating the skies

Action-Shooter with a physically accurate Flight Model.
Are you hard-core enough to beat this game?
Pilot a jet plane, helicopter and a spaceship. Perform different missions, fight clever enemies, upgrade your aircraft, and much more. this game is made the old school way, the more you progress in the game the better it gets
(Controller is supported!) play with a controller for the best experience, but you still can play with a keyboard or even a touchscreen if you prefer that
  • you can stream the game online with no permission needed
  • game is available on Google play store (Free & Paid) and on Steam store (Paid)
  • if the game is running low FPS, then try to get it on your phone or on Steam store, it will run faster there running natively instead of emulating it on GX
  • if you like the game please press the heart shape next to the game title above, and tell your friends to try it
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  • Physically accurate Flight Model.
  • 58 levels
  • 5 different game modes
  • 25 amazing music tracks** (only in full version on steam and google store)**
Supported inputs:
  • Touchscreen
  • Keyboard
  • Xbox controller
  • PlayStation controller
  • Nintendo Switch controller
Default Keyboard key binding: (you can change the key binding in options menu) Accelerate: A Break: Z Steer Up: Down Arrow Steer Down: Up Arrow Primary Weapon: Space Secondary Weapon: Shift Boost: X Flares: S Flip Orientation (in space): E or Q
Developermuhammad-abr studio
Number of plays900,000+
Release date28 Jun, 2023
Last updated25 Aug, 2023
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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