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This is a game (SHMUP) made by Game Jam in Korea.It's still a demo version.


HITSEC# -MEGA-WITHESS PROTECTION EXPANSION- V0.1.05 This is a game (SHMUP) made by Game Jam in Korea.It's still a demo version. " It was produced as a sequel to Hitsec(GameJam). This is a Shooting Game." Hitsec (2020Gamejam) Expansion Pack, 4 years after the previous game. [Controls] move = Arrow + WASD + Gamepad(Xinput) Fire = Space(Key) + "Z"(Key) + Pad A Dash = "X"(Key) + Pad A Start = Enter(Key) + Pad(Start Button) Sslect = BackSpace(Key) + Pad(Select Button) Exit = ESC(Key) [Main Weapon] Level 1 : This is the first ammunition equipped.
	   최초에 장비한 탄 입니다.   

Level 2 : It's a double shot.
		더블 탄 입니다. 
Level 3 : It's a photon Shoot
		광자탄 입니다.
Level 4 : It's a double photon bomb. It is less than Level 3.
		더블광자탄 입니다. Level 3 보다 작습니다.
When you defeat an enemy, you level up with the experience you gain, and it is reset when you shoot down. Depending on the main weapon level, [Fire rate] and the player's [Movement speed] and [Desh delay] are slightly faster. 적을 격파하면 얻는 경험치로 레벨업 되며 격추시 초기화 됩니다. 메인 무기 레벨에 따라 [발사속도]와 플레이어의 [이동속도]와 [뎃슈 딜레이]가 소폭 빨라집니다. [SUB Weapon] mode 1 = Feathers spin around and block bullets.
	  ( 따라다니는 깃털이가 총알을 막아주는 방어 모드입니다) 

mode 2 = Feathers will follow the player and fire additional shots.
	  ( 깃털이가 플레이어를 따라다니면서 추가 사격을 합니다.) 

mode 3 = A photon torpedo that tracks enemies.
	  ( 적을 추적하는 광자어뢰입니다. ) 		  

mode 4 = It is a photon Bullet that fires directly with twins.
	  ( 쌍발로 직사하는 광자탄입니다.  ) 

Destroy enemies to obtain weapon capsules to use powerful weapons for 60 seconds. get a high score 적을 파괴하면 얻는 무기 캡슐을 입수하면 60초 동안 사용할수 있습니다. v 1.02 stage level fix 1.03 Statge + 3; 1.04 Game /Level /Stage/Spawn System -fix Weapon System Fix 1.05 Boss Fix


DeveloperYuolden studio
Number of plays404
Creation date31 Dec, 2021
Last updated04 May, 2022
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.