Devoid(Early Alpha)
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Devoid(Early Alpha)

Controls: WASD to move J to melee attack K to ranged attack SPACE to jump L to dash E to interact An early build of the game where everything is subject to change, it's a proof of concept for myself, a short experience to show the game off.


Welcome to Devoid's first Demo, its a short demo featuring 3 bosses (one unfinished with alot of health so don't bother trying to fight her). Everything is in early build many things are subject to change. In this build there are glitches present but are all visual with the exception of one. In the Eletcy fight (guy with the gun), he may get stuck inside the doors and start flying or clip into the floor, a remedy to avoid this is use a quicksave before entering his room or when the fight starts just in case it occurs. I apologize for not being able to fix the issue with my current knowledge. Due to the game being on a browser, it does happen to run slightly worse than if it was on your PC, my PC is a potato so I know it runs great. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the short experience and if you have some feedback, advice, or suggestions hit me up on Discord @ KingEnderRaptor#1376


DeveloperKingEnderRaptor studio
Number of plays1,164
Creation date18 Sep, 2022
Last updated18 Sep, 2022
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity rating13+
Game is suitable for anyone the age of 13 or above.

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