Click'em Cafe
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Click'em Cafe

Press buttons, unlock abilities, listen to cozy music—life is good at the Click'em Cafe. A cute yet satisfying button-presser idle game about crafting upgrades that play the game for you.
(For best pixel-perfect results, play in fullscreen)
Seek shelter from the storm inside the Click'em Cafe, known for their signature Button-Pressin' Time-Passers. Chain button presses into combos and unlock upgrades as your score climbs higher, all while hanging out with Ray the Cafe proprietor. Carefully craft your upgrades so that the game plays itself, or dig in and enjoy some thwocky button presses.
Game by BunkStunkis Art, Design and Programming by BunkStunkis Music created in collaboration with Slapmaster J All sound effects obtained from, including: "Heavy Rain" by lebaston100 (, used under CCBY3.0 license All other sound effects obtained from are used under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0 1.0) license
Gameplay Details
Click'em Cafe is a button-pressing idle game. It can be played manually, by clicking buttons when they light up. It can also eventually be left to run by itself with a proper setup of unlocked abilities and autoclickers.
Abilities are composed of Actions and Conditions. When a button is pressed that satisfies a condition, the associated Action occurs. Combining conditions and actions is key to setting up high-scoring combos and a gameplay loop that plays itself.
Autoclickers stand watch over an assigned button and press it at every opportunity.
Developerbunkstunkis studio
Number of plays981
Release date18 Jan, 2023
Last updated24 Jan, 2023
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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