mimimage alpha
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mimimage alpha

A unique action puzzle platformer where you play as a cute mage and create your own spells. This is the alpha version and it's open to changes and improvements


Mimimage Alpha
Will be updating periodically...... I plan to change the name to Millie Mage, for more details check on characters and Mimi's name change. Bugs: Fixed bugs related to the chaos rune General tweaks: Now Wiz-Kerz will also have access to the chaos rune instead of the charge rune. His runes in the volcano challenge were adjusted accordingly The life potion now also heals mana when you play as Millie. Characters: Bo-Vinny's new mechanics are still in work, so he is still unavailable. Hope you are enjoying Mimimage so far and hope you enjoy what will come!. Controls: Left arrow: move left. right arrow: move right. up arrow: jump. up arrow:(while in contact to a wall): wall-jump. down arrow: crouch. C key: basic attack Z key: cast spell 1 X key: cast spell 2 V key: switch spell page Enter: pause/spell menu. M: mute/un-mute. (in spell menu use the arrow keys to move through the options and use C to switch runes)


Developerdiegopalacios studio
Number of plays363
Release date15 Jul, 2022
Last updated03 Sep, 2023
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.

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