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Crystal Chapter Speedrun
39 Players
Crystal Chapter Speedrun
Top player
Cuttyflame05m 02.274s
Jungle Chapter Speedrun
22 Players
Jungle Chapter Speedrun
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dale94005m 14.525s
Prologue Chapter Speedrun
91 Players
Prologue Chapter Speedrun
Top player
Cuttyflame52s 463ms
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Hats up and whips out; the jungle's mysteries await! Explore lush biomes, use your trusty whip to extract wild flowers' mystic powers, and collect rare gems in this dynamic precision-platformer.
1st Archaeogem is a dynamic precision-platformer in which you, as a world-renowned archaeologist, must collect rare gems in the heart of mysterious biomes. Use your trusty whip to extract wild flowers' mystic powers, navigate ancient ruins, and survive the many challenges of the wilderness. Become a legend - if you make it out alive! 2nd Your mission to expand human knowledge about these archaic and powerful artifacts will take you on a world-wide journey! From the depths of a rainforest, to the ancient ruins of a lost civilization, explore a diverse set of unique biomes, and the challenges that come with each of them. 3rd Though an interesting object of archaeological study, mystic flowers are your best resources when navigating the land! Whip at them to dash through the air, move platforms, and even swing at them. Jump, fling, swing and slide, and trace your own path through the untrodden woods! 4th The coveted gems are hidden around the world, and it's up to your wits to get to them! These lost artifacts will take you on a wild adventure; retrieve them and expand your collection, and maybe even pick a few emeralds for yourself along the way!
Number of plays1,000,000+
Release date27 Jul, 2023
Last updated26 May, 2024
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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