Jetpack Jellyfish
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Jetpack Jellyfish

Fling your jellyfish around, boosting through loops and shattering enemies. Get as high as you can whilst getting the biggest combo!
How to play
Tap and drag to Jump Tap and release to Boost through a loop When you Boost through a loop you spin for a bit and can kill enemies Killing enemies gives you more Jumps, or you get 2 when you touch the ground Clear all the enemies around a Loop and it will launch you straight up Try to get as much height or as big a combo as you can!
  • Whenever you touch the ground your 2 Jumps are refreshed but you lose your combo
  • When you get hit by an enemies your 2 Jumps are refreshed, but it's not worth it!
  • With a good combo you can go above your default 2 Jumps
  • If an enemy is close enough to a Loop you can kill it without getting hit
  • You get a free Boost after Jumping
  • You get a free Jump after clearing a loop of all nearby enemies
  • When out of Jumps you can aim where you fall by dragging and releasing
  • Your combo counts both enemies killed and Loops cleared
  • You can encounter orbiting enemies from height 10
  • You can encounter homing enemies from height 20
  • You only wall Jump once per Jump or Boost
  • You can cancel your Jump or Boost by dragging your finger out of the circle then back in
Music: Bensound - Extreme Action Sound Effects: Loop Clear: `` Damage: `` Enemy Kill: Jetpack: Boost: Spinning: Font: Virus Killer Colour Palette: FUNKYFUTURE 8 PALETTE
DeveloperBen Flavell's Games
Number of plays889
Release date18 Oct, 2022
Last updated18 Oct, 2022
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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