Kaeru-San No Ike No Seikatsu (Frog's Pond Life)
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Kaeru-San No Ike No Seikatsu (Frog's Pond Life)

Live your life as a humble frog trying to survive in Shinobazu Pond.
Play as a frog in its lifecycle in Shinobazu Pond, which is located in Ueno district of Taito ward, Tokyo, Japan. As is in life, you start off as a tiny egg that hatches into a tadpole, from there your limitless adventure begins. As a defenseless tadpole you've to try survive as long as you possibly can by feeding on small creatures, while avoiding yourself from falling victim at the hands of other pond residence or dwellers. Evolve through your frog life cycle into a frog. At some point in your lifetime, you'll be able to defense yourself from other pond creatures, and find yourself a mate to then bring your life cycle full circle. Side Note: This game is submitted in participation of the 1 thumb/finger game jam on Opera GX held on October 4th to 18th, 2022. I hope you find the game enjoyable and fun. An updated version with full features will be available on Google Play Store in the near future. ++In-game features;++
  1. One finger play/control
  2. Endless game play
  3. Keep Moving! - Stamina depletes over time, must keep feeding to replenish
  4. Survival & Simulation - 3rd person perspective genre
  5. Shoot 'em All
  6. Can pause and unpause gameplay
  7. Can save progress (score, and other stats, as well as player), load save, delete save
  8. Beautiful landscape - programmatically random generated and continuously changing throughout gameplay
  9. Each enemies have different characteristics
  10. Mating with NPC character to produce random offspring/next generation - nothing vulgar, kids friendly.
  11. Educational - teaches about life cycle, pond ecosystem, no gore or violence, no vulgarities.
++Update Version Note:++
  • v. & v. (Oct. 14th 2022) - Issue with aspect ratio, and extreme slow speed on OperaGX Mobile App on test phone used.
  • v. (Oct. 15th 2022) - Aspect ratio fixed to 3 : 4 (portrait), readjust button and text positions.
  • v.0.0.3 (Oct. 15th 2022) - Added 2 new enemies, found and fixed an issue with player character evolution.
  • v. & v.0.0.05 (Oct. 16th 2022) - Added additional adrenalin pumping feature, added more enemy characters, added more landscape features, tweaked enemy spawning, bug fixes.
  • v. & v.0.0.07 (Oct. 17th 2022) - Added 2 additional characters, further tweaked enemy spawning.
  • v.0.0.08 (Oct.18th 2022) - Found & Fixed memory leak on GX.Games OS.
Number of plays702
Release date14 Oct, 2022
Last updated18 Nov, 2022
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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