Nights of Nura
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Nights of Nura

Gravity flipping platforming craziness. Escape Earth before the Moon smashes into it!


Nights of Nura is a unique platformer that will keep you on (or off) your toes! Set in the year 2099: After a giant asteroid smashed into the moon changing its orbit to only 1000 miles from the earth, gravity now flips upside-down at night! You play as Nura, the brave teenage girl who stayed behind to salvage the last earths most precious ore, genium, after her people had already fled the planet due to the upcoming cataclysm. Do your best to collect all the genium ore and escape the planet before the moon collides and destroys it! Use your agility (including wall slides/wall kicks) as best you can! Can you escape? Can you collect the gems on the way? How many nights will it take you, and how many deaths? "Escape" mini-game tagged onto end of Level 2, beat it to win!
Keyboard controls: directions to move, space to jump Full Controller support! dpad/analog stick to move, face button 1 (typically bottom) to jump. Start = Enter
Programming by ModalModule Art by FreddySquarepants Audio by Captain Shred Made for #NoticeMe game jam


DeveloperTeam Seguin
Number of plays330
Creation date05 Mar, 2022
Last updated20 Jan, 2023
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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