Grandia Clicker RPG
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Grandia Clicker RPG

⚔️Welcome to Grandia RPG! Grandia RPG is a clicking RPG made for all. Will you find what evil haunts this world and vanquish it or become another soulless enemy. Fight! WIN! Free this land! For Grandia!
🛡️ This is still early in the works, so please leave feedback on our discord @ Hope you enjoy New areas unlock every 10 levels up to level 75 content is added atm. 🏰 please let me know of any bugs! ^_^ SAVE/LOAD to save your progress and to load it back up.

v`0.3.6 - Fishing icon bug fixed, added 2 more fishing spots! lvl: 25 and 50.`

v`0.3.5 - Fishing has been added for extra gold! once exhausted wait 3 minutes for it to reappear. 2 Soul Weapons added.`

v`0.3.4 - 2 more Armors were added to Nella's shop! Enemies now wont give Souls if you're more than 9 level above a zone.`

v`0.3.3 - Armor has been added! (testing need feedback) All enemies now have randomized max hits.`

v`0.3.2 - Runic Forest has been added and can be unlocked at level 75!`

v`0.3.1 - Critical hits can now be landed! enjoy seeing those lucky bigger numbers.`

`v0.3.0 - Reworked EXP gained from enemies. Now it's based on their respective health.`

`v0.2.9 - Added save option for quitting the game.`

`v0.2.8 - Fixed Runic Desert bug, minor UI adjustment for weapon slot.`

`v0.2.7 - Fixed Tooltips, Minor fixes. Prepping for future content & features.`

`v0.2.6 - Runic Desert has been added! 65+`

`v0.2.5 - Right clicking skill points now adds 10 at a time. Souls drops increased with higher enemies.`

`v0.2.4 - Skills now Scale when leveled up! Also, Enemy UI added (W.I.P)`

`v0.2.3 - Lots of fixes, tweaks to death. And some new UI being implemented! (W.I.P)`

`v0.2.2 - Enemies now give Half XP rather than 0 once you hit a certain level. Fixed minor Bug.`

`v0.2.1 - Updated Font, Small tweaks.`

`v0.2.0 - Skills now upgraded through the shrine (W.I.P)`

`v0.1.9 - Fixed unlimited MP bug!`

`v0.1.8 - Continent 2 is underway! Meadows was added.`



Leohpaz, ObsydianX - sounds

Ækashics - Monster Artwork

xDeviruchi - Music

FoqsDen - UI Artwork

Bert Cole - Composed Music ""\`

DeveloperpreRisen studio
Number of plays100,000+
Release date22 Sep, 2023
Last updated25 May, 2024
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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