Net Runner
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Tap and hold

Use the on-screen joystick to steer


Click and hold

Use the on-screen joystick to steer

Default controls
GX Menu
Hold tab to access GX menu

Net Runner

Travel at high speeds in Net Runner, a fast-paced, non-stop, action-packed intense endless runner!


Net Runner v1.2
Thank you for playing! I'd love to hear your comments and critique! Version 1.2 is primarily optimizations that make the game feel better to play. Some notes for this version
  • More space between walls when cars start appearing
  • Ultra mode happens at stage 18 instead of 100k points. This is for hardcore gamers only
  • Health pickups now provide points on hit. This is true even if you are at full health.
  • Increased invincibility timer to 0.66s to make the traffic a bit easier to deal with.
  • Higher scores are easier to achieve now but the game is overall more challenging.
Next update will add a GX Challenge
Current Known Issues:
  • None
If you run into any other issues, please reach out using the 'Contact Studio' button
**Code: **HOPL **Art: **Is actually code **Music: **Neon City - Music Tracks 2 - GameMaker Asset Bundles **SFX: **Jorge Sound Design


Number of plays20,000+
Release date08 Oct, 2022
Last updated28 Oct, 2022
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.

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