Half Hour Hexagon
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Half Hour Hexagon

Obliterate a never-ending horde of enemies while you attempt to reach the 30 minute mark. Race to earn XP and level up to gain new items and opportunities for each run to become stronger than the last.
Half Hour Hexagon is a minimalist survival game with roguelite elements where you must defeat waves of enemies in an endless map in order to reach the 30 minute mark. Spend cash earned during runs and complete achievements to unlock permanent weapons, abilities, and stat bonuses for future runs and master the art of the Hexagon.
Use cash earned during gameplay to buy permanent Upgrades. Some of these Upgrades can have negative effects, but they reveal Upgrades with much more powerful effects later in the tree.
There are 5 additional weapon types to unlock by defeating certain enemies across multiple runs. Try to overcome each milestone as you work towards new equipment.
There are 13 different items to unlock on top of the 5 that start in your item pool. These are additional milestones for you to work towards and assist you in making it further and further.
Finally, you can see a full list of all the enemies you've encountered and view their stats (alongside a brief description)
DeveloperCarson Kompon
Number of plays752
Release date02 Aug, 2023
Last updated02 Aug, 2023
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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