Doomies: Reloaded+
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Doomies: Reloaded+

Ultra violent platformer shooter


The most violent madness that you'll ever play! Doomies: Reloaded is an intense, super gory game about killing mutant animals and overcoming your previous hi-score! This version adds more characters, maps, weapons, game modes and much more! --Keyboard controls-- Arrow Keys - Move Z Jump X - Shoot C - Dash --Alt. Keyboard Controls-- WASD - Move Space - Jump J - Shoot K - Dash --Xbox Controls-- D-Pad or Left Joystick - Move A - Jump X - Shoot B - Dash


DeveloperRicardoReyesPaz studio
Number of plays3,390
Creation date04 Oct, 2021
Last updated12 Sep, 2022
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity rating13+
Game is suitable for anyone the age of 13 or above.
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