Raven's Hike
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Raven's Hike

No jumping, no walking. Raven's Hike is an unique 2d platformer in which all movement is based on her Grappling Hook


Follow on twitter for next games: @thi_o_oliveira ABOUT THIS GAME Help Raven reach the top of the tower, restoring equilibrium and saving the world from oblivion. Trust on your reflexes or find the safest way through every room, collect all the gems and get out. Who knows what to expect in the next trial? 60+ handcrafted open-ended levels spread through 4 stages filled with puzzles, combat with a dynamic soundtrack by Vincent Colavita.


DeveloperWired Dreams Studio
Number of plays34635
Creation date16 Feb, 2022
Last updated22 Sep, 2022
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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