Into The Coop
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Into The Coop

A fast paced roguelight were you must fight your way through hordes of chicken in their ultimate base, the Coop! Collect food items and meals to help progress your way through this poultry hell!
Into The Coop is a fast paced, action packed, food cooking platformer roguelight where you must battle your way through the Coop, fighting different chickens and enemies. While fighting through the coop, you will gain food items that you can cook to create delicious meals to boost your power! Dying will cause you to lose your progress, except for Chicken Legs! Chicken Legs are a currency you collect when you kill chickens and can be used to buy drinks and recipes to make you stronger the next time you enter the coop! Are you strong enough to cook, slash and dash through the coop? Created by Riley W. This game is in early testing and many features are subject to change. Bugs and glitches will most likely be encountered. Hold Escape to exit fullscreen. Game Download for Windows Patch Notes Survey If you have played the game for an adequate amount of time, it is recommended that you fill out this survey. It will aid with future development of this game as well as future games.
Developeroogway80 studio
Number of plays732
Release date25 Aug, 2023
Last updated29 May, 2024
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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