Animal Ark Alpha A0.13.18.4
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Animal Ark Alpha A0.13.18.4

Animal Ark is game where you catch animals to save them from the apocalypses!


"Animal Ark" is an engaging top-down game inspired by classics like Pokémon, Stardew Valley, and Bugsnax. Set in a world facing imminent disaster, players take on the role of a helper to Professor Malia, entrusted with saving the planet's biodiversity. Your mission is to assist various professors in collecting data and specimens of all life for preservation. Key Mechanics:
  1. Catching Animals: Use Tek-tarps similar to Pokeballs to capture a diverse range of creatures, with the goal of catching one of each gender for each species.
  2. Exploration: Travel through different zones, such as plains, forests, deserts, beaches, and tundras, to discover and interact with unique wildlife.
  3. Crafting: Harvest materials and craft items, including specialized baits and tools, to aid in capturing animals and completing tasks.
  4. Animal Interactions: Approach animals strategically based on their behavior (passive, defensive, or aggressive), hide in natural cover, and use bait to increase catch chances.
  5. Cooking and Bait: Combine ingredients to create various baits tailored to specific animal preferences, including scent-infused baits.
  6. Animal Companionship: Build a bond with animals by attending to their needs, reducing stress, and earning their trust to have them tag along.
  7. Resource Management: Mine for minerals, refine them, generate power with solar panels, and utilize a wood chipper to contribute to construction and city development.
UPDATE LOG A0.13.18.4
  • Added multiple types of baits. (There are a few bugs to work out)
  • Changed main menu look.
  • Added ability to tack tasks by either clicking on active task on the left or by notebook.
  • Added animal entries and milestones to bestiary.
  • Fixed animal stats in notebook.
  • Added processor and tutorial to make gems
  • Added rideable Giraffe
  • Fixed GX Games resolution
A0.13.14.9 - 07/21/23
  • Few bug fixes
  • Added sounds / animations
A0.13.14.7 - 07/21/23
  • Few bug fixes
A0.13.14.6 - 07/21/23
  • Added phone controls (unstable)
A0.13.13.6 - 07/20/23
  • More graphics for Sanctuary
  • Traffic bug fixes
A0.13.12.4 - 07/19/23
  • New graphics for Sanctuary
  • Vehicles and NPC wander and react to you and each other
  • Bug fixes
A0.13.10.5 - 07/13/23
  • Graphics overhaul / new sprite work
  • Bug fixes
A0.13.9.2 - 07/07/23
  • Graphics overhaul / new sprite work
A0.13.6.0 - 07/06/23
  • Added map / can travel to different levels by pressing "M" or clicking on map
  • Added more sprite work
  • Added Toucan
  • Small fixes here and there
A0.13.6.0 - 06/28/23
  • Added sneaking mechanic: walk into the tall grass to sneak around animals!
  • Added more menu art


Developersuperlegacy9 studio
Number of plays394
Release date06 Jan, 2023
Last updated18 Sep, 2023
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.

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