Dusk or Dawn
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Dusk or Dawn

Dusk or Dawn is a zero sum, abstract board-style game. It is won or lost based on your ability to quickly shift strategies and out duel your opponent.
- Casual, quick to pick up and play
- Unique move mechanic
- Single player or local two-player
- Three difficulty levels
  • ‘Easy’ allows players to get familiar with basic gameplay and the unique move mechanic.
  • ‘Medium’ provides a reasonable challenge while still keeping the game casual and quick to play.
  • ‘Hard’ imposes a meatier challenge and represents the ideal version of the game.
- Pause and Save the game
- In-game help manual
- Well suited for a tablet
- Discord channel
Update History:
  • - A kind user pointed out spelling errors in the documentation that have been corrected.
  • - Full release. All new graphics, animations, music, and soundFx. Plus, a fresh UI.
  • - Added animations that show the game piece being moved by the computer opponent.
  • - Fixed issue where the patch above affected the local two-player mode of the game. Plus, tweaks to the computer opponent's move choice behavior.
  • - Fixed issue where player could move game pieces during the computer opponent's turn.
  • - Alpha gameplay release.
Developersbriscoe studio
Number of plays20,000+
Release date02 Feb, 2024
Last updated18 Feb, 2024
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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