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A game about making drinks while having no idea what you're doing
Game's itch.io page: https://crispybun.itch.io/oddshake My website: https://crispybun.neocities.org
Welcome to Oddshake!
Crash landed on an alien planet with no way to get back home, you're forced to fit into the alien world to survive. You get a job - a barista... a smoothie barista. Only problem, you have no idea what any of the ingredients are! Try shakes out, and fail terribly to please your customers. Learn from your mistakes, remember the flavors of each oddly-named ingredient, and become the best smoothie barista! Or, you know. A mediocre one. Controls Mute music - M Restart game - R Otherwise drag and drop with mouse Other Info This game was made for the Wowie Jam 3.0. The theme was "Failure is Progress", and this game accomplishes that by giving you no chance to make a good smoothie from the start (being the failure part of the theme), and you have to learn how the ingredients taste based on what you give your customers, even if they're unhappy with it (that's the progress :). All music for the game was made by me. All art for the game was made by me, except for the blender, which was made by a friend. All sounds for the game except the blender blending and the footsteps were also made by me. The blender and steps are sounds from freesound.org.
Number of plays1,488
Release date21 Dec, 2021
Last updated25 Apr, 2022
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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