Zenith Tactics
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Zenith Tactics

A Tactical Card Game designed for Arcade and 1v1 competitive play. The objective is to defeat the enemy king, using your cards. Learn to play through Arcade mode


Welcome to Zenith Tactics!
Enter/Controller Button 1: Accept Space/Controller Button 2: Cancel Escape/Controller Button 3: Try Again (Hold to return to menu)
Zenith Tactics is a game of strategy.
The primary game mode is a 1v1 competitive versus mode with the goal of defeating your opponent's King with your own cards. Each card has 4 characteristics: A strength value which is determined by the time of day A movement value which determines how many spaces it can move on the board A battle time value which determines how much time passes each time the card fights a battle Placing or Moving a card adjacent to an opponents card will initiate combat in which the highest strength value wins and the card with the lower strength value is destroyed. And any follow on combats are resolved. (A combat will follow on if the victor is adjacent to a single opposing card) A combat with equal strength values causes an imbalance in favour of the player who initiated combat. 'Fortune Favours the Bold!' On the Zenith of each day and night, a shrine will appear where Neutral cards will spawn at the turn of the day/night. These neutral cards can be captured and used to fight for you if you defeat them. It's important to plan ahead around these shrines to earn an advantage. Making it across the board to your opponent's board edge also awards an advantage in which you 'Steal their Gold' to power up a single card. It's crucial to keep an eye on when dusk and dawn begins to get the edge on your opponent.
Arcade Mode
Arcade mode has been set up for single players to enjoy and learn the rules of Zenith Tactics before inviting a friend along to play together. Try to remember all the rules you learn along the way to beat each puzzle.


Developergearversegames studio
Number of plays2,889
Creation date18 Mar, 2022
Last updated12 Sep, 2022
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity rating10+
Game is suitable for anyone the age of 10 or above.