Cyber Dash
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Cyber Dash

A fast paced endless runner, with bullet hell elements and an adaptive difficulty. Available on desktop, but made primarily for mobile. Created for the "Opera GX Mobile Game Jam".
Created for the "Opera GX Mobile Game Jam". It can be played on desktop, but is primarily made for mobile devices.
In the distant future, humanity has become addicted to technology and relinquished all that is natural. The entire population lives in mega-blocs, with Earth becoming virtually uninhabitable for normal humans. To survive the extreme conditions, people are forced to use cybernetic implants, but some choose to take it a step too far and completely lose their humanity. You are one such addict, augmented with extreme speed, lightning-fast reflexes and a deadly phaser blade attached to your back. Your heart has already started to feel the pressure, so you're unable to stop moving even for a second. You must find your way to the top of the building belonging to the mega-corporation responsible for these enhancements. It is heavily guarded, so you must dash and slash each and every security bot. Keep in mind that every consecutive kill will send you into a frenzy, making the world appear to change and enemies to move faster.
Gameplay elements:
  1. Keep moving - The floor itself is trying to kill you and enemies will fill the room with bullets. The higher your level, the faster everything will move around you. The key is to run, dash and slash your way up while staying alive as much as possible.
  2. One-thumb gameplay - you are able to control your character by dashing in any direction in front of him. This can be done with just one finger, but you are only able to dash once while in the air. Dashing into enemies or pouncing on top of them(this will also make you jump off enemies) will recharge your dash, making the game easy to pick up, but hard to master.
  3. Wall-running - walls will not stop your character. He is even able to run on the ceiling, which allows you to change directions.
  4. Limited control - your character cannot dash backwards unless he is jumping off a wall.
  5. Combo system - each 10x consecutive attack will raise your level, which brings both benefits and down sides. Touching the floor will reset your combo and taking damage will lower your level.
  6. Your combo level changes the difficulty - the game will become more intense with each level, with faster and deadlier enemies. How far can you go?
  7. Your combo level offers upgrades and a higher score - each level will offer a temporary upgrade, such as +1 HP or Unlimited Dashes. It will also multiply your score times the current level.
  8. Adaptive main theme - Even the music will change depending on your level.
Control Scheme:
Touch controls for Mobile Mouse for Desktop
DeveloperOcO studio
Number of plays9,553
Release date17 Oct, 2022
Last updated17 Oct, 2022
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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