Curse of the Moondial
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Curse of the Moondial

The Moondial's curse! Change into a batty monster at night and fight your way through now-living stone monsters in order to free yourself from this terrible fate!


After removing a moon dial from some ancient ruins, you started getting a strange feeling... Suddenly, as the night fell, you transformed into a bat monster! What's worse it seems all of these ancient statues you've been studying are coming to life, and they don't seem to happy about you taking the moon dial... Travel back into the ruins to find a way to break the curse! It won't be easy though... The Moondial seems so keep swapping the day and night, and even then you have a long way to go... Platform and throw your archelogy pickaxes at the stone statues during the day to give yourself an edge at night! Then at night, chaotically propel yourself with flaming breath, fighting off colorful living statues! Good luck! Made for the #noticeMe game jam! Ability Tips
  • Wing Spin (Night) - Use to attack and bounce off of enemies in close range AND use it to block blue fireballs!
  • Fire Burst (Night) - Make all of the fire you've left on screen explode!
  • [ WASD / Arrows OR XBOX Thumstick/D-Pad ] Move
  • [ J / numpad 4 OR XBOX X/Y ] Wing Spin (Night) + Throw Pickaxes (Day)
  • [ K / numpad 5 OR XBOX A/B ] Fire Burst (Night) + Jump (Day)
  • [ L / numpad 6 OR XBOX Shoulders ] Position Lock


Developerpeytonburnham studio
Number of plays2,615
Creation date18 Mar, 2022
Last updated25 Apr, 2022
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.