Mama's Sunnyside Garden
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Mama's Sunnyside Garden

Help mama grow her garden and harvest some delicious vegetables
Welcome to "Mama's Sunnyside Garden" - the game where you get to help a Mama Gainz grow her garden! Mama Gainz has a green thumb, but she needs your help to plant and tend to her garden. She has all the tools you need, from watering cans to trowels, so roll up your sleeves and let's get to work! Select from a variety of seeds like yummy chickpeas, zesty tomatillos or the coveted gooseberries! As you play, you'll get enough money to buy more seeds and even upgrade your tools! Upgraded tools work faster! Tools that can be upgraded include the garden hoe, trowel and watering can. Also, don't forget one of the most import tools, love! Add as much love as you want by clicking on your growing plants. Love is known for improving plant quality, water retention, and growth rate among others! Controls: RIGHT CLICK - Select LEFT CLICK - Deselect P or ESCAPE to pause Try holding click to quickly deploy tools and seeds. Love requires single clicks. Windows version available on Developers: Amber N. Williams - Artist @Ambrowskii ++~ Home ( Kenna M. Lindsay - Writer and Artist @Kenna_Lindsay Ricardo Aviles - Gameplay Designer and Programmer @Ricky_games20 ++Ricardo A - Rika Watanabe - Writer ++@riki_0ntherocks++
DeveloperRicardoAviles studio
Number of plays904
Release date18 Jan, 2023
Last updated20 Feb, 2023
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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