Ungrateful Birds: No Good Deed
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Ungrateful Birds: No Good Deed

Save birds from cages! But alas, they will not be grateful.
It's a thankless task...
But when you're walking through the forest late one night, you hear the distressed cries of birds who have been cruelly confined to cages echoing all around you. Someone must help set the poor birds free, and no one else is around. But when you open their cages, they will not be grateful—the confused and angry creatures will turn on you. Go it alone or call in a friend. This could take all night. In UNGRATEFUL BIRDS: NO GOOD DEED, travel through five different environments and save ten different types of birds in over three dozen stages. 
Play together
Play with a friend with local simultaneous cooperative play! Stages may get a little more frantic, but you'll be able to help each other rescue birds and stay alive!
  • Frantic platforming action with light puzzle elements
  • Over three dozen challenging stages
  • Optional "easy" difficulty mode
  • Two-player cooperative mode with support for keyboard and/or gamepads
  • Customizable keyboard and gamepad controls
  • English- and Japanese-language support
  • Original music track by Amon26
  • Soundtrack including music by Snabisch
Developerjdm0079 studio
Number of plays1,016
Release date02 Apr, 2023
Last updated02 Apr, 2023
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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