Turbo Jetrunner
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Turbo Jetrunner

Outrun the man in your prototype Turbocycle by day, take to the skies to shoot down monsters by night!


Outrun the man in your prototype Turbocycle by day, take to the skies to shoot down monsters by night! Drift, blast, and turbo boost your way through 12 challenging levels, featuring technical fast-paced arcade-style gameplay and responsive controls! Go the distance on your Turbocycle before the time runs out. When night falls, your Turbocycle transforms into the flying Jetrunner - blast off into the skies to take down as many monsters as you can before the sun rises! Earn bonus points for completing levels in style, jumping vehicles and obstacles, and hitting your targets with extreme accuracy! Keyboard controls:
  • Arrow keys to steer/move
  • c - accelerate/shoot
  • v - drift
  • x - turbo/bomb
  • z - brake (bike mode only)
  • Enter - briefly hold to restart current level
  • Backspace - briefly hold to return to the main menu
Gamepad controls:
  • Left stick or pad - steer/move
  • Right shoulder button or trigger - accelerate/shoot
  • X (square on PS-style) - turbo/bomb
  • A (X on PS-style) - drift
  • Left shoulder button or trigger - brake (bike mode only
  • Start - briefly hold to restart current level
  • Select - briefly hold to return to the main menu
If you encounter any errors, or have any questions or comments, please reach out to me on the Gamemaker forums (my username is RhyminGarfunkle), twitter.com/RhyminGarfunkle, or on Discord at RhyminGarfunkle#2787.
Several fixes and QOL updates! Thanks so much to everyone who's played Turbo Jetrunner. I'm humbled by how many people have played, ashamed to have subjected so many to my cheezy guitar solo, and astounded by the high scores I've seen! The improvements are all suggestions from players. If there's anything you'd like to see fixed, changed, or added, please reach out! I can't guarantee when or if it'll be implemented, but I read and consider everything. FIXES:
  • Bombs now do full damage when the Jetrunner has the double shot upgrade
  • Level indicator no longer increments when timing out on the Turbocycle
  • All Turbocycle challenge mode! Try "Turbo Time Trials" and go for the fastest time across all six Turbocycle levels, back to back!
  • Practice mode now lets you select a Turbocycle/Jetrunner level pair to loop through forever. Practice those tricky parts on repeat!
  • Quickly restart the current level by briefly holding Backspace/Select (this will reset your score to 0) and quickly return to the main menu by briefly holding Enter/Start.
Download for Windows at itch.io: https://rhymingarfunkle.itch.io/turbo-jetrunner Drifting, turbo, and bombs all consume AP. To generate AP on the Turbocycle, ride at top speed. To generate AP in the Jetrunner, shoot enemies - every bullet that hits generates AP. Turbo Jetrunner is a solo project, originally made in two weeks for the #Noticeme Game Jam. All design, programming, art, and audio by me. Uses two fonts by Brian Kent, Upheaval and Edit Undo.


Developerrhymingarfunkle studio
Number of plays369568
Creation date16 Mar, 2022
Last updated30 Jun, 2022
Maturity rating10+
Game is suitable for anyone the age of 10 or above.