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Idle RPG game with real time actions
Know Issues :
  • Actually the upgrade of the offensive stats doesn't work for spells on the mage... I've fixed it on the new version wich isn't online.
There's a lot of people that has give a try to my prototype and i'm really happy about this but, i can't have any feedback, then plz, if you would like to help me to go forward in my adventure, i'd like you to post any feedbacks here :
Here is just a prototype of the game. This is the first game i ever made, so i take this step by step =)
Choose your class !
  • Mage : transform yourself for a limited time in an powerfull archmage, a strong robot, or... okey, the third class is actually missing but this would be something amazing ! For sure !Choose wisely wich form you'll use, and manage your time in each of them to optimize your power.
  • Sentry : Create different strong and usefull towers to protect yourself and your position. Protect, buff, heal and lead them to a better position, to kills tons of enemies.
Upgrade !
  • Go further and further through the story to find new ressources and upgrade your character.
  • Get more levels and upgrade your spells.
  • Choose your way, which spell's upgrade are you going to use ?
Hit 0 ?
Check enemy's defense, upgrade, and go back to war !
Farm ! On... AND ON ! Even OFFLINE !
  • The more you kill a certain type of enemy, the more you drop their cards and improve their droprate. You can improve it from 0.05% to 10% ! In one drop ! But it's rare... Very rare to be honest :)
It's as simple as this.
  • Build, protect, upgrade and collect your Excavator, producing minerals even OFFLINE ! (But less... come on, that won't be so easy...).
Wood Arena

Challenge the arena to kills as much monster as you can.

  • choose your beginning wave.
  • increase your record of total killed monsters to get more "Skulls".
  • Trade your Skulls against passive income of wood. You decide how to invest those precious Skulls.

The more you can kill monsters in a limited time, the better income you'll have.

Follow and help me through this adventure !
This is the very first game i'm developping. I'm teacher in elementary school in France, learning everything step by step, all by myself to create this video game. Every encouragement, suggestions, help are highly appreciate and welcome. ~ Discord (Fresh discord, just build for this occasion ^^")
DeveloperSpArT3 studio
Number of plays1,772
Release date10 Aug, 2023
Last updated30 Dec, 2023
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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