Neon Run Racer
Easy Arcade
487 Players
Easy Arcade
Top player
fnafgamer756 937pts
Hard Arcade
92 Players
Hard Arcade
Top player
zakurocer70 340pts
Medium Arcade
189 Players
Medium Arcade
Top player
ObeliskF1 305 426pts
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Change Laserbike colour to BLUE


Change Laserbike colour to PURPLE


Change Laserbike colour to ORANGE


Pull a sick jump on your Laserbike

Default Controls
GX Menu
Hold tab to access GX menu

Neon Run Racer

Have you got what it takes to race the Neon Run?


Neon Run Racer v2 Released!
  • Neon Run Racer has been totally recoded from scratch!
  • Beat the Story mode and conquer Neon City!
  • New Daily quests allow you to earn flags!
  • Spend flags to enter Arcade Mode and challenge yourself to beat the highscores of other players!
  • Compete against other Opera users with Challenges
  • Multiple difficulty levels (I recommend playing on Hard)
  • Rebindable keys
  • Plenty of settings to turn the eye candy up or down (in case a player has an aversion to flashing lights or that sort of thing)
  • In-game tutorial
  • A wicked amount of fun
  • Original soundtrack streamable here if you like chiptunes:
Thrill-seeking has a long and gloried history, but nothing yet has straddled the line between thrilling and insanity quite so delicately as the Neon Run! Grab yourself a Laserbike and take a ride along the plasma platforms that cover the highrise skylines of Old New New York. Make daring leaps, dodge deadly energy beams and zip ahead with speed boosts, all to claim glory as the the fastest Neonite on the Neon Run. The further you get on the Neon Run without dying, the higher your score will be. Get the highest score you can and see how your skills fare against all the other Neonites by playing the Challenges! There's a tutorial in-game for you to learn the ins-and-outs of how to race on the Neon Run. Controls (These are customizable in-game): Number 1 - Change Laserbike colour to BLUE Number 2 - Change Laserbike colour to PURPLE Number 3 - Change Laserbike colour to ORANGE Space - Pull a sick jump on your Laserbike


DeveloperRefresherTowel Games
Number of plays300,000+
Release date23 Nov, 2021
Last updated31 Jan, 2023
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.

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